Wade Tonken
(Noize Factory)
Bio and Credits


SpongeBob Pest of the West (Nickelodeon) Composer, Sound Designer, Engineer, Singer. Multiple songs on a variety of different promo spots for new episodes of SpongeBob.

Bonz Band (Fisher-Price) Composer. Songs and sound effects for kids toys.

Karito Kids (Online Kids Site) Composer/Engineer. Music for online games.



Kids Choice Awards (Nickelodeon) Composer. Multiple branding themes for annual awards show.

Brand New Shows (Nickelodeon) Composer. Promo campaign.

What Would Jesus Buy (Spurlock/Warrior Poets) Producer/Composer/Orchestrator/Engineer. Opening sequence for feature film.

Sound Bites (MPA Productions) Created, Produced and Directed a groundbreaking kids music production and recording camp held inside a pro studio in NYC.

Black History Month (VH1) Composer/Engineer. Interstitials celebrating black achievment.



Our Generation (A&E/History Channel) Composer. Series documenting the 60's, 70's and 80's.

The Adventures of Tango MacNorton  (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Post. Live action short featuring the power of the Tango !

ABC Good Morning America (ABC) Composer/ Administrator/ Client Relations. Develop and deliver custom library solution.

The Sound Composer. Cues for independent film.

Ven A Mi (Noize Factory Records) Producer. Independent Spanish language pop artist.

What Would Jesus Buy (Spurlock/Warrior Poets) Producer/Composer/Orchestrator/Engineer. Parody arrangements of christmas carols as promo campaign for upcoming feature film.


JoJo's Circus (Disney/Cartoon Pizza) Music Producer/Arranger. Songs for animated series.

AIr VH1 (Viacom/VH1) Composer/Sound Designer/ Audio Post. Monthly Video Magazine .

Logo Upfront (Viacom/Logo) Music Producer/ Arranger. Two songs for corporate event marking channel launch.

Robert Lamm (Chicago) Music Producer. Pre-productioon recording for new songs on upcoming Chicago album.

Pound Puppies (Ogilvy/Mattel) Composer/Sound designer. National commercials.

Logo-Agogo (Viacom/Logo) Music Producer/Arranger. Live Action extravaganza covering Gay History for the launch of the grounbreaking channel LOGO

The Education of Shelby Knox (Incite Pictures) Composer/ Music Producer/ Mixer. A Sundance award winning documentary.


PBS Kids Cliffhangers (PBS/Curious Pictures) Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Post. A twenty-piece package of interstitials for the “PBS Kids Go” campaign.
Kid Cuisine (WonderGroup) Composer/Sound Designer. A series of national commercials.
Splat! (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. A two hour block of programming running daily on Nick. Provided the Theme, beds, stings.

Election Connection (Nickelodeon) Producer/Composer/Arranger. A series of songs describing the election process running from spring to fall.
Nick Jr Playalong (Nickelodeon)  Music Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Engineer.  A two hour block of programming airing daily on Nickelodeon. Created handmade palette of sounds for songs, stings, beds and throws for educational kids interstitial block. Coordinated entire project using multiple composers.

U-Pick Live (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Sound Designer. Daily live program. Highlights include Michelle Brand Christmas Song , Halloween Beds, Jungle Week, Show beds, Stings and SFX.

Stuff’d (Nicktoons) Composer/Sound Designer . Interstitial package for cartoon block featuring Theme song and underscore.

Hoop Dogs (Disney/Cartoon Pizza) Composer/Sound Designer. TV pilot.

Nick on CBS Holiday (Nickelodeon) Producer/Composer. On air promos.

Bert and Ernies Play on Words (Sony Wonder/Sesame Workshop) Composer/Sound Designer. Featuring Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo.

Nicktoons Celebrate the Holidays (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Package of shorts, recreating children’s christmas classics with Nick characters.

Ultraman (Fox/4Kids Productions) Composer. Live action kids series. Kinnikuman (Fox/4Kids Productions) Composer. Animated series.

FoxBox (Fox/4Kids Productions) Composer/Sound Designer. Promos for Saturday morning kids block.

Elmo’s Magic Cookbook (Food Network/Sesame Workshop) Composer. TV Special featuring Emeril Lagasse, Heather Headley and Elmo.

Slime Time Live (Nickelodeon)  Composer. Three hour Program Block. Creature Features (Cinemax) Composer. Promos

Jerk Chicken (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Theme and underscore. Animated Special.

ShowBiz Today (Turner/CNN) Composer/Sound Designer. Theme for daily show.

Face (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Daily block of  kids programming on Nick.
Race Rabbit (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Live
action kids series.
Discovery Channel (Discovery) Composer/Sound Designer. Promo Package.

Animal Rescue (Animal Planet) Composer/Sound Designer. Half hour series.

GAS (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Package for Nick Games and Sports programming block.
Nickelozone (Nickelodeon) Composer/Sound Designer. Daily Prime Time interstitial programming block.